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More about me...

I was born in Honduras and moved to NY when I was around 5 years old. Trying to assimilate to a new culture was challenging for this rebel at heart.


It was 8 years as an elementary school teacher before I realized I was seeking soul-purpose outside of myself.


I hit rock bottom after trying to work my way through the loss of my younger brother. Tired of feeling tired I took myself on a solo trip to Bali, Indonesia. There, my rebel heart was lit on fire.


I was on a mission to return home to myself, to unravel, heal and remember my sacred truth. Mi verdad [my truth] silenced through oppressive programing and conditioning.


I am Sacred Rebel is my war cry. Our proclamation, our reclaiming and rejoicing over our magic and voice. Through yoga, journaling, meditation and dance my rebel heart cracked open.


Today, I share this magic with you. My why is women like YOU. Tired of being silenced, tired of being tired. Conscious that there is a better way, yet somehow get caught up in the hamster wheel.


Together we hold the vision of a world that is compassionate and honors heart over hustle.


If you’re ready to tap into your magic, vamos [lessss go]

click below to join the rebellion.


Trainings and Certifications

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with All Yoga Bali, Indonesia

50 hour Yin & Restorative Yoga Delray Beach, FL

Trauma Informed Yoga and Mindfulness Coaching All Yoga, International

Usui Reiki II -IPHM Morgan Mancuso, LLC

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