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More about me...

I was born in Honduras and moved to NY when I was around 5 years old. Trying to assimilate to a new culture was challenging for this rebel at heart.


It was 8 years as an elementary school teacher before I realized I was seeking soul-purpose outside of myself.


I hit rock bottom after trying to work my way through the loss of my younger brother. Tired of feeling tired I took myself on a solo trip to Bali, Indonesia. There, my rebel heart was lit on fire.


I was on a mission to return home to myself, to unravel, heal and remember my sacred truth. Mi verdad [my truth] silenced through oppressive programing and conditioning.


I am Sacred Rebel is my war cry. Our proclamation, our reclaiming and rejoicing over our magic and voice. Through yoga, journaling, meditation and dance my rebel heart cracked open.


Today, I share this magic with you. My why is women like YOU. Tired of being silenced, tired of being tired. Conscious that there is a better way, yet somehow get caught up in the hamster wheel.


Together we hold the vision of a world that is compassionate and honors heart over hustle.


If you’re ready to tap into your magic, vamos [lessss go]

click below to join the rebellion.


Trainings and Certifications

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with All Yoga Bali, Indonesia

50 hour Yin & Restorative Yoga Delray Beach, FL

Yoga and Mindfulness Coaching 

Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training 

Women's Embodiment Resolution

Soul care for the rebels of the world.

I feel you, chica [girlfriend] it can get exhausting. You love to give and hold space for others but you are in need of something deeper than a spa day.


You want to feel seen, heard, and valued. You need someone to pour into your cup for a minute before going back out there to give it your all.


You are nurturer, a loving sister, a mother and a rebel at heart. You KNOW there is more to life than errands and working.


Come rest here. Put your burdens down here. Process here. It is safe to put down your boss, mom, healer, go getter hat.


Click that button below and allow yourself to be held, sis. I got you!

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