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Yoga Journey

Releasing Imposter Syndrome to Embody your Sacred Rebel within!

In this 4 week group container we'll get to the root cause of the doubt, ceremoniously heal and from there move our healing through the body- all alongside sisters that are your personal hype women. 


Sisters, it's time to embody your Sacred Rebel

Truth is...

We can't heal imposter syndrome by reading about it.

We have to bring embodied awareness to this imposed lie we were never meant to carry. We get alchemize it. We get sit with it and tap into our magic anyway.

This isn't a one size fits all bypassing get together.

This is ancient healing in community, on the mat.

Yoga + Reiki & Mindfulness Coaching Client

"...I feel like a lot of things were really put into perspective for me. I received clarity, but also felt really open and confident enough to go on with whatever decisions I now have to make moving forward."

-Cristina C (Small Business Owner)

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