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3 ways to access your inner power for success

Have you ever had an idea, inkling, or nudge to do something but other voices got in the way? Fear, doubt, limiting beliefs? If this is you, keep reading!

Often, if we aren’t careful outside programming (patriarchy, limiting beliefs passed down, society etc etc) can keep us from reaching our goals.

For a long time, I had this burning desire to teach yoga to the rebels of the world, all those that choose to live life differently either mindfully or taking a route less traveled, the entrepreneurs. But my inner critic was loud;

“You’re an elementary school teacher, stick to what you know- kids.”

“No one in your family owns a successful business teaching YOGA and MINDFULLNSS?!”

“People like you (immigrant, nerdy rebel, silly af) don’t succeed in business. Go back to your 9-5 safe way of succeeding.”

"You can't make money doing what you love, it has to practical and safe."

Yeah, I know. Tough critic, lol!

It kept me playing small and safe for so long. I had to bring awareness to the fact that those were even playing in the background. Then and only then could I choose to heal and decide those were no longer MY VOICE.

When we bring awareness and compassion to these voices, what we are doing is telling our nervous system, “it’s safe to play in the unknown, to let go of limiting beliefs, to take a leap of faith.”

When all we’ve known is one way of thinking and we change things up, our system will try and protect you to stay in familiarity, even if that’s unhappiness.

It doesn’t have to be like that. That doesn't have to be your story. We have choice.

Here are 3 ways I found my rebel voice:

  • I practiced pausing and listening (no one teaches you how)

-every morning before scrolling, before working, before coffee: I meditated and journaled what came up in my morning meditation or simply what was on my mind.

  • I chose to no longer let those limiting stories ring true

-every time those thoughts came up, I literally said out loud “Oh, that’s interesting but I’m no

longer living by that sooo NEXT.”

  • I outed my limiting stories

-when we out our inner critic (limiting stories/harmful thoughts) we bring them to light to be healed.

-I chose a trusted friend and shared. *Always ask before sharing*, it can sound something like, “hey, I have this inner critic thought to let go of. Can I share with you and then we can move on?”

These steps coupled with somatic practices I have begun to rewire my brain for an empowered way of being. Now, I challenge myself out of boxes, I rebel out hard, I speak my truth and most importantly run my business with inner empowerment.

To help you on your journey, check out this FREE Access your inner power meditation I recorded to help you remember your inner rebel.

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If you want to take this even further and find your inner rebel to succeed in life, business, ALL OF IT. Book a session with me!! We go deep into what you’re working through on the mat with coaching after.


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