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4 Ways to Slow Down this Fall!

Autumn is in full swing in the United States!

With daylight being shorter and temperatures getting colder, deciduous trees stop producing chlorophyll, which causes the changing colors in leaves. Think about it; nature slows down, animals start to go into hibernation to prepare for the winter so why do humans start to go faster?

I know what you’re probably saying, “maybe because we have bills to pay?”

Lol, listen I get it. I’m human with you.


Our bodies could benefit from us bringing in some mindfulness to how we go about these next few months. On a science level, our bodies actually start to increase insulin resistance which then causes our liver to increase fat production- hello extra layers for the winter chill.

If nature and our bodies do this naturally, why do we insist on going faster?

I encourage you this season to slow down. Yes, get those reports/sales/goals in AND find ways to weave in more self-care and some gentleness in your days.

Here are some ideas for you to try:

  • Setting an intention to shut down at a certain time each day

  • i.e no work emails after 7 pm

  • Pausing during your lunch breaks

  • Going outside or stepping away from your laptop to eat

  • Intentionally taking care of your body

  • Do you need more movement?

  • Do you need Yin instead of Power Yoga?

  • Unwinding before bed

  • Try reading 1 hour before bed instead of scrolling

  • Go to bed slightly earlier each day

Notice none of these ideas are, quit your job and meditate for 10 hours. I am human with you friends, I know what it means to love your work or to work with a goal in mind.

I am here to remind you, that you can have it all! You just have to commit to being more intentional about your small everyday choices.

As always, I am here to help you. Need accountability? Need more ideas for your particular situation? Book a FREE chat with me below!

If you're ready to slow down let's set up a one to one session. You will get coaching on your physical and "slowing down" spiritual goals with the yoga session before and after!

Packages are available! Book your free call or email me for a special Mindful Moon discount!

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