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Energizing Breaths

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Are you feeling tired, sluggish, stuck, or lack motivation? Maybe it's Monday or maybe you've been looking at the computer screen for too long hoping creativity will pop up.

Whatever your reason, we all feel it! Try one of these Energizing Breaths to help level out the oxygen and carbon dioxide in your blood levels and leave you feeling fresh eyes and bushy tailed (wink!)

Full Moon Bursts

This breath helps you refocus and move stagnant energy

  • Start in a comfortable seated position, noticing your breathing (no fixing, just noticing)

  • Take a big inhale, your lower belly should come out

  • Release an exhale, bring your lower belly in towards your spine

  • With your hands on your lap, palms facing down, notice the sensations

  • Take a big inhale, sending your palms up over your head, fingertips touching

  • Release a sharp mouth exhale, returning your hands to your lap, palms facing up

  • Repeat cycles of 3, stopping in between each cycle to just notice

Lion's Breath

This breah helps you get over yourself and not take anything too seriously! You might want to do this on in front of mirror to drive the point home. Thank me later ;) Also, it relaxes the face muscles and releases tension and anxiety.

  • Start in a comfortable seated position, palms facing up

  • Take a big inhale (as deep as your lungs will let you)

  • Release your exhale with a HA sound, sticking out your tongue to your chin, eyes wide open

  • Return to neutral and repeat 3 times

Fire Breath

This breath detoxifies the body, purifies the respiratory system and expands lung capacity. *Avoid this breath if you're pregnant or menstruating, have high blood pressure, heart problems, or vertigo. This is a strenuous but potent breath that works the abdominal muscles and oxygenates your blood levels quickly.*

  • Start in a comfortable seated position, palms facing up, notice the breath

  • Inhale is passive and quick

  • Exhales are sharp, using your diaphragm to pump your navel towards your spine

  • As if in a panting pace, repeat by quickening the pace for 1-3 minutes

  • Take a deep inhale and exhale through the nose to end, notice how you feel

With practice your body should remain still while the lower abdomen is pumping in and out with each exhale.

Whatever your need today, try one of these breaths to help you release all that isn't yours. Worry, anxiety, stress, and/or stress. All will get done with divine timing. With each breath you try remember to bring mindfulness to your practice. I'm rooting for you.

With love to the moon and back,


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