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3 steps to making new habits stick- mindfully.

Less than 8% of people succeed at their New Year Resolutions! That number really set things into perspective for me (insert mind blow emoji here).

For the last, 5+ years I have been opting instead deep reflection on what’s worked and what hasn’t. Taking mindful inventory and setting course for how I want to FEEL and who I want to show up as day in and day out has really propelled me to achieve goals I could only imagine at some point in my life.

Sometimes though, we can get stuck in paralysis of the unknown or the what if it fails again space. So here is some perspective to help you make habits stick.

Some reasons why goals or new habits don’t stick might include:

  • Your goals are too BIG!

  • You’re working on a conscious level and forgetting about subconscious

  • You are listing things other people/society want of you; not your OWN

James Clear writes it so eloquently in Atomic Habits, “You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.

What do your internal and outer systems say about the person you need to be to eat healthier, meditate every day or run that marathon? What are your thought patterns about who you are? What structures do you have in place to help you succeed?

Some steps you can take to help dive into those internal systems are:

  • Do the inner work first!

Dive deep into WHY you are choosing to change certain habits. Don’t be afraid to meditate on what you need more/less of to show up as your best self.

  • Choose small doable steps to help you achieve that big, glorious goal.

Ex. commit to an extra serving of vegetables with every meal to eventually then work up to becoming a vegetarian.

  • Community!

Get your closest friends involved. Let them know your goals and set check in times so you can stay accountable.

You are worthy of your wild goals and dreams. Believe that you are deserving of it. I am rooting for you!!

What’s are 2022 intention? Feel free to comment or reach out on social and let me know. Community means the world to me, so let’s dream and celebrate – together!

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