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2 month one to one coaching container for starseed entrepreneurs 

Because business is the biggest healing journey you will ever go on. Having a medicine woman by your side helping you navigate the jungle of healing is essential to your growth and quantum leaps!

With sage, movement, ceremony and a rebel coaching lens we alchemize that fear of being seen, the spiral of rejection and the dreaded STUCK phase. Let's set your success ablaze, amiga. 


Sis, have you ever thought to yourself...

  • I keep doing ALL THE THINGS but I still feel stuck...

  • I'm not sure what the right decision is here...

  • I can't seem to be able to move the needle forward..

  • I'm following all the steps why hasn't this taken off yet...

  • I really want to share this idea but showing up on instagram feels just TOO MUCH...

  • Everytime I share, sell or try to promote I have to recharge after because my nervous just can't deal...

I feel you, see you and hear you deeply...

You are a rebel, perhaps the first in your family to even try your hand at business.

You are a natural healer, deep listener and nurturing soul but the execution of all the things feels so heavy. 

You know you have been called to share something big but trauma, worries of "what will they think", "what if I fail" always get in the way. 

Let's link arms sis, this coaching container was meant for you.

Imagine waking up everyday, knowing exactly how to move the needle forward in your business because you are CRYSTAL CLEAR on your why. 

Picture yourself easily creating content guided by Spirit not scarcity, urgency or ego. 


Hear the sounds of yourself sharing all sides of you while proudly selling without the side order of cringe. 

Feel into the freedom you can experience having tools that that actually work to get you through any hiccups along the way.

This is available to you, now - not some day. 

Through a Spirit led frame work I've taken many clients through, we dig deep to the limiting beliefs holding you back to help you tap into your rebel magic. We dig deep on what's keeping you from showing up (your marketing), the healing behind a NO and how you can move through any stagnant energy.


Let's set your success a blaze, through healing!



Be friend 


Live in 


Through a lens of mindfulness we use somatic healing, intuative yoga to help you release. Rituals and ancestral ceremony weave throughout to further integrate your new patterns. 

8 Weekly 1 hour 1:1 coaching sessions 

2 Reiki healing sessions 

Recorded yoga sessions

Rituals and ceremony woven throughout 

Meditations & tools to help you navigate on your own

Voxer support during and 2 weeks after to help you integrate 

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