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Expansion: Nervous system rebelution

What's possible with an expanded nervous system? Running a thriving business grounded, nourished and in your lane unbothered & unmessablewith!


Launching a new program? Your system feels it.


Hiring help for your baby (let’s face it, biz = your baby)? Your system feels it.


Changing niche? Oh, your system feels it.


Calling in more abundance? Girl, nervous system needs it.


Everyone talks about regulating when you’re triggered and that’s so KEY! But I don’t ever hear anyone talking about how to expand when you are doing BIG things. Well as your rebel sista- I’m leading the way. Allow me to guide you in this two part workshop where we break down how to expand your nervous system so you can expand in your business. 

Are you ready for more clients, grounded launches, no more burnout, confidence in your voice?

If so, book your ticket, sis. I can't wait to work with you. 

Are you ready, sis? Let's expand together!

Save your seat below

Buddha Statue

Mindfulness Coaching 

I've worked extensively with Keyla for years, starting as a beginner to all things mindfulness. Keyla has a certain calm nature and way of understanding that helped me feel seen. She knocks it out of the park with her meditations. I've had transformative breakthroughs many times.


Cristina C. (entrepreneur) 

Yoga + Reiki

Keyla holds gracious and intentional space for me. I felt a deep presence with my inner strength and power through our asana practice. I felt like old skin was shedding and I was able to break through some deep wounds days later.


Christene G (Coach, speaker & Yoga teacher)

Yoga + Coaching

I came to Keyla with a serious case of imposter syndrome. She helped me finally shake it off so I could make moves in my business and life. Now when it creeps back up I have tools to simmer it down and tap into my rebel essence, as she calls it!

Jen Z. (Job recruiter + meditation instructor)

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