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Find your way back home 
through intuitive
yoga & healing. 

In a world of urgency & hustle, we rebels choose to slow down.

In a culture of fix this and not enough that, we rebels choose soul alignment.


My soul mission is to help women feel SEEN, HEARD & LOVED.

Through gentle yoga, reflective practices, and mindfulness I help you remember your rebel essence.


Meet your coach and soul sista...


Hola Hermana [hey sis],


I am not your typical one size fits all yoga teacher. I’m your soul sista and Sacred Rebel guide. Years of silencing my magic, suppressing my grief and burning my candle on both ends finally came to a halt when I had the courage to say, “NO MAS [No more]," and remembered my Sacred Rebel through yoga and many other healing modalities. 


I want to share these with you. Are you ready?!


You hold the key to unlock your magic, beautiful soul.  I am here to help guide you (& cheer you on) along the way!


Read more about my story and certification details below.


Find your own practice...

This is a devotional practice. Unlike any other yoga class, it’s a moving healing session.


First you book your session, then we chat (email, zoom or phone call; I'm flexible to your needs) about your spiritual and physical goals for our time together.


I meditate and pray on the best intuitive yoga sequence for YOU. I infuse mobility, gentle yoga, mindful movement, breath work and sometimes dance. Every rebel is different, so you never get the same sequence again.


I conger up mantras, music and OMwork to help you take your practice off the mat and into your daily life.