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Expansion: Nervous System REBELution mini E-course

Expansion: Nervous System REBELution mini E-course


What's possible with an expanded nervous system? Running a thriving business grounded, nourished and in your lane unbothered & unmessablewith!


Everyone talks about regulating when you’re triggered and that’s so KEY! But I don’t ever hear anyone talking about how to expand when you are doing BIG things. Well as your rebel sista- I’m leading the way. Allow me to guide you in this two part workshop where we break down how to expand your nervous system so you can expand in your business. 


Part numero uno I:

Let’s befriend our nervous system! 

  • We’ll cover foundations of our nervous system in terms we can all understand. *No jargon here!

  • Identify your triggers

  • Discernment between expansion and comfort zone


Part numero dos II:

Let’s dive DEEEEP into practice

  • Walk away with somatic practices to help you soothe when triggered

  • Mindful yoga flow to help you expand

  • Ways to support yourself when you feel stuck, struck and frozen


Walk away with the knowledge and confidence in understanding how your nervous system works so that next time you launch something new or business takes a leap you can regulate like rebel!


Buisness strategy only works if you can safely embody it. 


Let's run our business - grounded and expanded!

  • Refund & Cancellation

    Due to the nature of digital products there are no refunds or cancellations. 

    After purchase an email will be sent to your inbox with links to all the goodies. 

    Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

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