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Mindfully Navigate Change

Life is a beautiful sometimes gut-wrenching ride. When we go from single to committed that’s a whole transition we often overlook to pause and process. Going from maiden to queen, queen to mother, 9-5 to self-employed- you name the transition there is a pause needed to be felt and processed. Even moving from old home to new home—phewww major feels! Don’t cheat yourself and suppress. Pause and work through it.

Society and current culture has us thinking there is only one speed- fast! And if you are not going fast then you are doing it wrong. But nature, science, our bodies, and ancient medicine tell us otherwise.

While we aren’t lucky enough to have our ancestors sitting across our dinner table, we do hold their wisdom within us. Sit silent long enough and you can hear how your change can be held sacred. If you’re having trouble hearing them, your girl has got you (wink, wink)

Here are some practices that help me process and let go of the need to control because honestly, we have none (loving deep eye roll)!

  • Journaling

o How do I FEEL going from _____ to _____?

o What fears do I hold?

o What advice could I give a loved one if they were moving through this?

  • Cleanse

o Purge old clothing/things that you will no longer need in your new role (give to donations centers or a friend)

o Energetically pray/sage or play an energy clearing playlist over your new space, check this one below for an ideas!

  • Move that energy

o Find a way to MOVE every single day as you transition

o Do you need to go slow? Try Yin Yoga

o Do you need silence? Try a guided meditation

o Do you need to release? Try running/kick boxing

Awareness is KEY to living mindfully. Pausing long enough to ask yourself what it is that you need to feel safe, grounded and calm creates a world of a difference. Change is not easy for everyone. We all go through it differently. William Bridges coined the Transition Model in 1991, check it out here. He states that there are 3 stages to change. Which one are you in? [Letting go, Neutral, New Beginning] Gain perspective knowing you aren’t alone in this. Walk through them mindfully, with practices that serve you will dramatically help you.

Which of the above practices have you tried before or will try next time?

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